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Adult date tel talk lines

Adult date tel talk lines-64

In 1993, the other counties were given new area codes (30 to 69).The previous area code system did not follow the country administrative regions.

Under a special agreement, even before this reform, foreign operators could be reached at various numbers, usually in the prefix 800 (AT&T used 01800-1800).Afterwards, Connex also got 91 and 93 area codes, Dialog got 95 and 90, the newly founded Zapp Mobile got 98, and Cosmorom 96.Short numbers were now allowed in both the older form and in 4 digits long forms, both with a leading 9.Numbers had 5 digits except for Bucharest, where numbers were 6 digits long.Area code started with 9 and were 2 digits long for Bucharest (90-xxx-xxx) and 3 digits long (9pp-xx-xxx) for the rest of the country.Outside county dialing required a national access code 0 (01-xxx-xxxx to Bucharest and 0pp-xxx-xxx for the rest of the country).

In-county calling could be done without prefixes at all (xxx-xxxx to Bucharest and xxx-xxx for the rest of the country).

However, calling between non-local areas always required dialling the area code, even when the called party's code was the same as the caller's.

For example, a number from Iași was 981-xx-xxx, then it became 98-1xx-xxx.

Many smaller town or rural area calling implied using manual commutation circuits operated by humans.

Short numbers for special services, like cab companies, were three digits long, starting with 0: After 1989, the then-monopolistic state-owned phone company started a process of upgrading its facilities.

The numbers for this network were using the prefix 018-5xx-xxx and 018-6xx-xxx.