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Basically if you need 20 pages of filthy Leoji Omegaverse porn, this is the story for you. I understand now why everyone falls for your charm…..” Star Accuser Human AU - In which Peter is a college student.Zero Maybe if you worship me hard enough, I’ll pretend to give a fuck about you. He accidentally flirt with an extremely handsome man when he was totally drunk and his kiss made Peter gradually forget everything else, forget that he originally meant to charm Gamora, not her brother.

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Speaking of Leo, who better to help Guang Hong with his insecurities than his beloved mate and husband?I'd love you to call me now, with your cock in your hand and wank while I talk dirty. I'm an athletic and sexually open-minded 34 year old that get's off on phone sex with complete strangers. My gaping wide black juicy cunt can take everything you throw at it. My pussy still gets nice and wet and I'll be rubbing it when you call me. I want you to call me and make me do all the filthy things you ever wanted.I'm at home right now and already I've worked my pussy up into a hot frothy mess just thinking about your call. Call me for the most amazing, hottest, black phone sex now. I am completely submissive and deserve to be punished.When your father decides to form an alliance with the First Order, things begin to spiral downwards.You meet the mysterious Kylo Ren, and have to keep a secret from him and everyone around you. Then the next thing you know you are being showed off to everyone as the soon to be Mrs. Your world seems to tumble down around you in a matter of days and your life planned out in a matter of minutes. Also I suck at summaries When Seraphim Commander Castiel raided an underworld demon slave trade ring, he didn't expect to find a small six-year-old demon child with his wings clipped.I will play with myself and talk so hot until you cum for me I hope you like my big tits in your face? I'm experienced and wanting to talk dirty right now as I am so fucking hot and horny.

I love the idea of you kissing them, sucking my nipples and waggling them in your face. My huge black tits and soft flabby ass are waiting for you. I'm young enough to be dirty as fuck and old enough to teach you a few new ideas! Masterbate with me while we talk on the phone please!

I love a man that is a gentleman when we go to dinner, but when I take him up to my apartment he rips my clothes off.

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//There is a set background for your insert OC, reader, whatever. The pressure on his knees from kneeling, the chafing of a scarf wrapped around his wrists behind his back, the dominant stare Tsukishima hasn't given up ever since they came to the agreement.“Please,” Kageyama started before trailing off. “Please teach me obedience.” He blushed a bright red, and Tsukishima gave a small smile.“Good boy.”Or, Kageyama is stressed and taking it out on others, and Tsukishima is kinky as hell.