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The one main thing I can tell you is to not pamper your dog.The more you try to do things for your baby, the longer it will take them to adjust. Just ensure that anything that has sharp edges or is likely to cause damage is removed or padded. They will map it out pretty quickly and it may take a couple of weeks before they stop bumping into things but you will notice a big difference in a short period of time.

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So she might hit five or six things before she actually got to me. She had to otherwise she was going to have one big permanent headache.So I decided that a place was needed where we could all come together to meet and chat about the issues we are facing with our dogs as well as a place where owners could help and support each other and find plenty of information to help them deal with their dog losing its sight.We will be adding helpful information on a regular basis so do come back often.I want to welcome you and your doggy friend to the Blind Dog Support website.When my dog went blind, I found that there really wasn’t one place where I could go to get help and information as well as interact with others at the same time.Register today and help to make this the #1 resource for blind dog owners.

…Paula If you’re reading this, then it is most likely that your dog has just lost its sight or you have been told that it may lose it in the future.

If interested in playing or volunteering on a team, contact your local chapter.

Sluggers Manager Kevin Daniel interviewed at the 2017 Beep Baseball World Series.

With you, their loving owner beside them, they can’t go wrong.

UPDATE: In February 2013, my Lucy succumbed to cancer. Although I no longer have a blind dog, I am dedicated to keeping this website working for those who need it.

Little did I know that thousands of dogs that have gone blind live happy contented lives. So if you are thinking of euthanizing your dog or giving your dog away then can I just suggest one thing…it 6 weeks before you make the decision.