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Ninomiya kazunari and asami mizukawa are dating

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* People are buzzing that Kazunari Ninomiya's comments about ghosts are cool. It's extremely rude if you think that only the living exist in this world." * Ninomiya has a strong "6th sense" among Arashi's members. There are a lot more people who have died than the people who are alive now.

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He tries to avoid Akira (Tomohisa Yamashita), because of his constant annoyance. He takes on the challenge of preparing a special class for a famous stupid school, Ryuuzan to enter the prestigious Toudai University.: When I want to boost my confidence, I think about the ways I'm better than Ken-ken. It's summer, and these four boys (who are all friends) recently found out that they're the only virgins at their school.They try their best-- attempts to lose their virginity as summer came to a close.They don't treat her as a "princess" anymore, unlike how they treated her when they were kids.I can't say much about this series because I'm not a fluent Japanese speaker... Hiroki Narimiya does a crack up job on being the "perverted" kid.Amidst a resurgent Japan of the 1960s four young men aspire to respectively become a singer, ...

See full summary » Erika Toda joins a law firm headed by Serizawa-san, on the first case she meets Enomoto Kei of Tokyo total security who unlocks Serizawa who has accidentally been trapped in a vault. See full summary » Saigo no Yakusoku (The Last Promise) is a suspense drama about five men working in or for a company that is hijacked by terrorists.

During the summer holidays, a girl they knew as children eleven years ago, moves back to the neighborhood.

Four schoolboys find themselves the last virgins left at school.

Satoshi Ohno plays a janitor who cleans the offices ...

Real story about about a man who was told for many years that he was not employable, but threw all of his effort into working as a door-to-door salesman. See full summary » Ken and Rei have been friends since childhood.

The supposedly true story of a 23-year-old otaku (Japanese geek) who intervenes when a drunk man is harassing several women on a train.