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A small strip of land, Gagauzia once vied for independence from Moldova alongside Transnistria, but gave up its aspirations when it was granted a special legal status in 1994.

We'll be happy to book additional accommodation for you (subject to availability).In your free time you could visit the Azizie Mosque, an exotic and culturally rich heritage structure with quaint minarets, or enjoy the view form the Victory Monument east of town.Today, head out on a full-day excursion through the remote Danube Delta.Upon arrival visit the buzzing local market, where you can barter for your lunch.Chisinau is a perfect example of a city almost entirely rebuilt in a Stalinist style with pre-manufactured concrete slabs, as it was completely destroyed by three events within two years: Soviet occupation and an earthquake in 1940, and then the takeover of the city by the Nazis in 1941.Why not shop here for lunch before continuing your exploration of the city.

The Museum of Ethnography and Nature has an almost Islamic inspired exterior, while the grand National Archaeology & History Museum has displays from settlements dating back to 10,000 BC up to the Soviet era.

Here you will be treated to a traditional lunch and some live music by a locally famous grandmother.

In the afternoon continue to Comrat, the provincial capital of the Republic of Gagauzia.

This evening, be sure to sample some Moldovan wine, little known worldwide but famed for its quality.

Head out of town to the little village of Orheiul Vechi, where you'll visit archaeological sites and a 14th-century monastery (approximately 1 hour).

This is the place where the Danube empties into the Black Sea after journeying 2,860 kilometres through ten countries.