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All of a sudden, Uncle Trevor called out that he loved the movie that her dad had just flicked past and he went back to it.

It was her first year working after getting her degree and she hadn’t really had a break since July.Her dad and uncle were parked on the couch, watching some movie.“Hi beautiful,” said Uncle Trevor.“Hi Uncle Trev,” replied Ellie. You’re getting more and more beautiful every time I see you.”Ellie laughed and parked herself between her dad and uncle.Uncle Trevor was her father’s older brother and he was a long distance truck driver. He placed his arm around her shoulders and she was happy to rest against him. The three of them chatted as her dad flicked through the channels, trying to find something better to watch.She enjoyed hanging out with her dad and Uncle Trevor and tomorrow she was going to cook them all a wonderful Christmas lunch.The couple on the screen started kissing passionately and the woman was rubbing herself against the man’s erection.“They’re nothing compared with the real thing.”“But who do you know who’s got real double-D tits? But I’ve seen our little Ellie’s bras,” Uncle Trevor turned to his blushing niece. “I bet you’re all natural, baby.”“Of course she is,” dad replied.“Ellie, baby,” Uncle Trevor said.

“Take your top off so that your daddy and I can compare your natural tits with the silicon rack on screen.”Ellie started protesting, this was not right.

I could feel my nipples harden and I felt really alive.

I swam for a while and then I went to lie down on the grass and catch a bit of sun on my pale body before I continued with my chores.

She sighed longingly as she thought about the exciting first semester her old friends had had at college, but there’d been no money to send Ellie to college.

Since her mother had died she’d had to take over running the motel with her dad. An hour later she closed the door behind her and entered the family’s private quarters. “Come over here and sit with us, I haven’t seen you for such a long time.

In the past I’d always swam in my underwear, but there was nobody around so I decided to go skinny dipping.