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Frankie follows them home and convinces Dracula to let her stay at the house, after which she and Draculaura secretly decide to build a school—Monster High. On their search for them they find 15 year old Clawdeen Wolf, completing their trio.The three finally convince Dracula to help build a school, and create it.

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The initial setup: Kindhearted, clumsy 15 old teenager Frankie Stein is just starting off at a new school and itching to fully experience life for the first time.Then, CAT-MAN’s distaff partner The KITTEN finds herself in an impossible death trap in this issue’s installment of the “Wars And Rumors Of War” serial, written and drawn by Rock Baker, with inks by Luis Alonzo.Andrew Hawnt’s urban ninja heroine, VIOLET SHADOW returns as her worst nightmare seems heading for fruition in “Blood Of Ages”, with art by Emanuel Demba.Special-specific tropes go to the respective pages in the recap section, and tropes specific to individual characters go on the character page. Will the one-time FF member BLONDE BOMBER get involved in the situation, and if she does, will it be to try to SAVE RAD, or to KILL her?The FEMFORCE have fought a LOT of different villians over the years, but NO ONE like…The SHREW!!

Next, acclaimed UK writer (currently writing the screenplay for a horror flick to be lensed on TWO continents, by the way)Andrew Hawnt teams up TARA and The Snarling SHE-CAT in “Pursuit of Paradise”.

Currently the franchise is expanded upon via a series of CGI Direct-to-Video movies (excepting director Ari Sandel before being removed from the slate indefinitely. Usually, there are a couple of lines of variant outfits for established characters, a more uniquely themed line introducing a new character as its resident signature doll, and a wave of dolls based on the latest movie.

Occasionally, dolls will be released alongside locational playsets.

A partnership with Lady Gaga happened in 2016, due to their shared emphasis on individuality and self-esteem, and Gaga's own monster themes made the pairing especially appropriate.

The partnership resulted in the creation of the Zomby Gaga doll, whose proceeds contributed to the Born This Way Foundation..

VICTORY, SYNN, SHE-CAT and STARDUST intended to stop the sale of sensitive defense technology dovetails into a strange encounter between Ms. Speaking of RAD, she’s still undercover and on the run, as the secret organization she is SUPPOSED to be investigating makes multiple attempts on her life.