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The airline was based at Toronto's main airport, and Carl Millard once flew the Toronto Symphony Orchestra on a tour through Canada’s North.Even though Millard Air filed for bankruptcy in 1990, the family continued to operate an aircraft servicing and maintenance company at Toronto's Pearson International Airport for the next two decades.

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Several days later, investigators found what they believe were Bosma’s remains at the bottom of an animal incinerator on Millard’s farm in the nearby town of Ayr.While waiting inside his Ancaster, Ont., home for the two men coming to look at his pickup truck, Tim Bosma turned to his wife, Sharlene. " It was May 6, 2013, and for weeks, Tim had been trying to sell his 2007 Dodge 3500.Money was tight – the Bosmas were living paycheque to paycheque, and between a new transmission, a snapped tie rod and some smaller fixes, the truck had become a sinkhole for cash.Millard drifted from one vocational whim to another, looking for something to strike him as worthwhile. Millard had quite a reputation among high schoolers in the Toronto suburb of Etobicoke in the late 2000s.It was the kind of notoriety that comes from being a 20-something who sells drugs to teenagers and throws parties for kids yearning to shrug off parental supervision. Dana, whose real name has been withheld to protect her identity, is one of few people who knew Millard back then and is willing to speak to his character after the scope of his involvement in Tim Bosma’s death was revealed.Dellen Millard was born into wealth, which is no surprise when your family is legendary in Canadian aviation circles.

Millard's grandfather, Carl, started his own charter airline in 1954, and at its height, Millard Air had a fleet of 21 planes.

Dellen grew up in airports and as a child sat next to his father, Wayne, as he flew.

The younger Millard showed an interest in flying at an early age, and in 1999, on his 14th birthday, became the youngest Canadian to solo pilot both a helicopter and an airplane on the same day.

“When you’re talking to him, and he’s staring you straight in the eye and was pseudo-charming, I think people were very comfortable with that,” Dana says now.

“Above all else, people thought he was very mysterious.” Some women found him attractive, while guys envied his lifestyle.

"Yes, you should go, because we want the truck to come back," Sharlene said. Through the garage walls, Sharlene heard the muffled ring of Tim’s cellphone, followed by the sound of his voice. He said a friend had dropped them off and then headed to a nearby Tim Hortons. He was unsociable, even sketchy-looking, wearing an oversized red hoodie with the hood up. The visitors took only a cursory look at the Dodge.