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Who is hef dating now

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I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but something just felt right about it.Hef didn’t offer me money or tell me he was going to make me a star.

He was a good guy with good intentions, and in a short period of time I was able to understand that about him, so I was willing to take a risk and uproot my entire life.As you probably know, I became Hef’s girlfriend, moved into the Mansion full-time, and a year later began filming the hit show .I was labeled the sporty party girl of the bunch, and while I didn’t like being labeled, I certainly had a good time living up to the character the producers wanted me to play. Maybe it was luck or maybe fate, but I’m pretty blessed to be in the situation I’m in today.I knew about the bunny; I had an uncle who worked at the Playboy Club in Atlantic City, and he would send my brother and me T-shirts and sweatshirts with the bunny on them when we were kids. “He only likes girls in college, so tell him you go to college.” I said okay and hung up, confused. Even though I googled Hef after we spoke on the phone, I couldn’t really imagine what it might mean to be his girlfriend.I’d wear them to school and all the kids would tease me and say . The next day I was in the shower when the phone rang. After a two-hour drive, Zack and I arrived at the gates of the Playboy Mansion in Bel Air.While the show may have opened the door to a charmed life and eventually helped me discover what I really wanted, the reality is, it didn’t come easy.

I wasn’t just sitting around deciding which family business to take over when I got that call from Hef.

Maybe I was paranoid, but I thought the girls were giving me dirty looks the whole time, and with my eyes I tried to tell them , but I wasn’t quite sure if the message was received.

The whole evening, Hef and I kept staring at each other.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something about that night felt so right.

A new life was definitely beginning, and I was not going to stop it from happening.

He mentioned that he was looking for girls to work at Hef’s upcoming birthday party. Hefner saw a photo of you and wants to call you personally,” he told me. I got out of the car and was immediately escorted to the gym by security. Just as they were finishing making me a naked she-man, Hef — breaking his usual rule of staying out of the painted girls’ room — came inside. “I’ll see you upstairs,” he said with a smile before disappearing into the night. After all, the staff probably went through thousands of photos to find about ten painted girls, and out of those ten, Hef singled me out. As I inched my way toward the group, Hef and I locked eyes. He was with his girlfriends, including Holly and Bridget — who I didn’t know at the time — and a bunch of Barbie look-alikes, but he kept looking at me.